Anna – “I feel stuck”

Names have been exchanged for patient confidentiality reasons.

Meet Anna, 86 years old. She has lived her life in a small town outside Gothenburg where she had a daughter with her husband and worked at the local brewery. Her joys in life is to have an active lifestyle, spending time with her family and playing guitar and accordion.

“I played folk dance music for the last 30 years, and it’s the one thing that kept me young on the inside.”

Anna is now living in an elder home to get assistance with her daily activities. She has a husband and a daughter that visit her regularly. She has diabetes type 2 since a few years back. Recently, several small wounds have been detected on her toes by an assistant nurse. The wounds have thereafter gotten swollen, released exudate and shown other signs of infection. The nurses at the elder home do not have the resources to treat the infection and Anna therefore needs to be hospitalized two times in a period of six months.

Despite the reduced sensory function caused by neuropathy as a consequence of diabetes, the wounds cause a deeper pain in the feet when Anna walks more than a few steps. “It’s frustrating, I feel stuck here”.

People with diabetic foot ulcers are not the ones that we meet on the streets. They are usually immobilized to their homes and are unable to perform many day-to-day activities that we take for granted.

We are Zound Medical. We are developing a connected medical device with the hypothesis that wound treatment can be speeded up, that it can support the patient and their families through the whole healing process, that the suffering can be reduced and that cost for the healthcare system can be significantly reduced. Find out more at the home page. 

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