Our company was born out of the Clinical Innovation Fellowship 2019 (

The goal of the Clinical Innovation Fellowship is to improve healthcare by identifying clinical needs and challenges gathered during clinical immersion and create solutions to address those needs. Participants have a background within medicine, engineering, design and/or business and work in multidisciplinary teams throughout the program. For us the program was the first step in creating a start-up in the medical technology field.

The program is a joint initiative of RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Karolinska Institutet (KI), and EIT Health. During the course of the program participants will get the opportunity to interact and establish contacts with a variety of partner organizations around the globe and collaborate closely with our sister programs Bioinnovate in Galway, Ireland; Inno-X Healthcare in Aarhus and Copenhagen, Denmark; Oxford Biodesign in Oxford, UK; and Moebio in Barcelona, Spain.


At the heart of the Clinical Innovation Fellowships is the clinical immersion, an 8-week period when we had a chance to observe and interact with healthcare professionals and patients during everyday clinical practice.

Meeting patients during our clinical immersion phase provided us with a unique insides as to what are the needs of the patients, nurses and doctors alike. Interacting with all the stakeholders involved in the diabetic foot ulcer care equipped with firsthand knowledge and understanding of daily challenges everyone involved in care faces. Starting from the patient and his/her family, to healthcare professionals, but also healthcare administrators trying to reconcile the demands and expectations of patients with the limited resources available.


For us, one of the best features of the Clinical Innovation Fellowship was an access to the world class research facilities as well as pool of knowledge of the leading experts in different fields. It has allowed us to develop a prototype, test our concept and come up with clear understanding of final underlining technology to deliver the best possible solution for the treatment of Diabetic Foot Ulcers. Our product was born with the support of top class organizations such as RISE, Sweden’s leading research institute and innovation actor, KTH the Nordic’s leading technical university, and Karolinska Institutet a world top medical school.


Being part of EIT Health network gave us access to many networking opportunities, mentor advice as well as financial support to patent our idea. Further support from EIT Health, together with ALMI, VGR and Vinnova would allow us to bring our product to the market in the shortest time frame possible alleviating sufferings of patients with non healing wounds on their feet (DFU).

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