Clinical Innovation Fellowship

Our company is a spin-off Clinical Innovation Fellowship – the program applying design thinking to solve the problems and address the needs of the healthcare system. Shortly about the program:



The Clinical Innovation Fellowship program operates in Europe’s leading network for the systematic identification of clinical needs and development of solutions to impact healthcare worldwide. The initiative is based on clinical immersion in Sweden and supported by international partner organizations.


The goal of the Clinical Innovation Fellowships is to improve healthcare by identifying clinical needs and challenges gathered during clinical immersion and create solutions to address those needs. Participants have a background within medicine, engineering, design and/or business and work in multidisciplinary teams throughout the program. For many fellowship participants, the program is the first step in creating a start-up in the medical technology field.

The program is a joint initiative of RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Karolinska Institutet (KI), and EIT Health. During the course of the program participants will get the opportunity to interact with a variety of partner organizations around the globe and collaborate closely with our sister programs Bioinnovate in Galway, Ireland; Inno-X Healthcare in Aarhus and Copenhagen, Denmark; Oxford Biodesign in Oxford, UK; and Moebio in Barcelona, Spain.


At the heart of the Clinical Innovation Fellowships is the clinical immersion, an 8-week period where participants observe and interact with healthcare professionals and patients during everyday clinical practice.

Each team is placed at a specific health care department where the clinical immersion takes place, and works alongside the host department throughout the program to co-create innovative solutions to identified needs.


Creating innovative solutions that create value to customers long-term demands a multidisciplinary approach. As a result, each team consist of four participants who each contribute distinct skills to the group from four different disciplines – medicine, engineering, business, and design.

Participants are experts in their fields, have a strong academic background, enjoy working in multidisciplinary environments, and thrive in complex situations.

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