Eric – Amputated toe within days

Names have been exchanged for patient confidentiality reasons.

Meet Eric, 44 years old. Eric lives in a house outside a town of 40000 people in Sweden together with his wife and two children. He is a well appreciated storeman at the local hardware store and spends many hours of his free time with his family in the garage, tinkering with his and his friend’s cars. 

Eric has had diabetes type 1 since he was a teenager. Many years after this, Eric now has a blood clot in his leg and reduced blood in his feet. When we meet Eric, six weeks have passed since he discovered a wound that started with a chafe at the base of his middle toe. The wound had turned necrotic only a week later. When the doctor got a chance to attend the wound after the weekend, it was already too late and the toe had to be amputated.

Since the operation, Eric is on sick leave. He takes antibiotics to treat an infection in the bone, anticoagulants to prevent further blood clots and he makes hospital visits 2-3 times per week for wound dressing changes, wound cleaning and inspection of the healing process. 

“I would give a lot to get better faster.”, Eric says.

Now, in January 2020, Eric’s wound has finished healing, more than four months after it occured. Today Eric feels more humble toward his feet’s health and makes regular appointments for diabetic foot care to prevent new wounds.

We are Zound Medical. We are developing a connected medical device with the hypothesis that wound treatment can be speeded up, that it can support the patient and their families through the whole healing process, that the suffering can be reduced and that cost for the healthcare system can be significantly reduced.

Our wearable product might have helped patients like Eric to heal the amputation wound faster. More importantly, it might prevent necrosis that required an amputation in the first place. Find out more at the home page.

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