Johan – Wound treatment for 9 months

Names have been exchanged for patient confidentiality reasons.

Meet Johan, 72 years old. He spent his professional career working as an engineer at Volvo Cars. Now he is retired and spends his days with his wife outside Gothenburg close to the seaside. He enjoys sailing and normally spends the whole, albeit short Swedish summer on his boat with his family. He also travels quite a lot with his wife as they finally have more time and means to do so. In March 2019 they were planning to visit New York to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary.

Johan has diabetes which was diagnosed around 10 years ago. He also has a reduced feeling and blood flow in his feet as a complication of diabetes. In January 2019 he had a small stone in his shoe that he did not notice for a week, whereafter he got a wound under his foot. The wound is healing very slowly, despite daily visits by the nurse to provide wound care. In March the wound gets infected and Johan ends up spending two weeks in a hospital as doctors are suspecting blood poisoning. Luckily, the antibiotics get the infection contained, Johan gets better and no amputation is necessary. Unfortunately the wound still has not healed properly as local blood flow is still poor. The trip to New York has to be postponed to June.

In the end of May the wound on Johan’s foot gets infected again and he ends up in the hospital for another week. The summer is coming but Johan can’t leave his apartment because of the wound on his foot. It causes a sense of hopelessness from time to time and strains on his relationship with his wife. The anniversary trip is cancelled.

Towards the end of the 2019, Johan’s luck changes and the wound on his foot slowly heals close so that he can start getting back to his normal life. Johan has to be very careful with his feet, as there is a high risk of another non healing wound.

Only the financial cost of care (nurse visits, hospitalization and wound care) is estimated close to 200 000 SEK, or US$ 23 150. The emotional burden on Johan, his family and many others in the same position as them is impossible to measure in financial terms, but it is enormous.We are Zound Medical. We are developing a connected medical device with the hypothesis that wound treatment can be speeded up, that it can support the patient and their families through the whole healing process, that the suffering can be reduced and that cost for the healthcare system can be significantly reduced. Find out more at the home page. 

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